Asian Stud Game

One of the most popular board game or table game played in casinos is “Asian Stud”. This game was introduced in the year 2002 and since then, has become one of the most popular table games in casinos. Each player playing this game gets five face down cards. The aim is to score maximum points. So what is the scoring method? Well, let us understand it:

  • Aces are worth one pointphoto166
  • Joker is worth one point
  • Face cards are worth 10 points
  • Rest all number cards are worth their respective value in terms of the number they represent

The dealer in this game places five cards face down for the player. Players have got the option to fold or check as per their gut feeling. Once this is taken care of, the players then divide the five cards into a two cards hand and three cards hand. The rule says that the three cards hand should be equal to thirty points. At the same time, there is no value attached to the two cards hand.

What happens if the three cards hand does not equal to thirty points? Well, the player loses. The only situation in which player might win is if the dealer also fails to qualify because his three cards hand does not equal to thirty points either. In this case, the one who folds first loses and the other one wins.

There can be a situation wherein the player as well as the dealer qualifies the game because both have got a total of thirty with their respective three cards hand. In such a situation, two cards hand is considered. The numbers are calculated and the one with higher total in two cards hand wins the bet. This board/table casino game is a quick win or loses game.

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