Game of Checkers

If you are looking for a board game that can be played by two players at the time then “checkers” is the one for you. It is also known by the name of “draughts” in the UK. It is a game of strategy and mind. Unlike other board games where pla
yers can only play vertically or horizontally, in this game the players play in a diagonal way. With diagonal moves, the players have to go forward in this board game. Well, players in this game get hold of the opponent’s pieces on the board by jumping over them in a diagonal direction. There are 3 variants available for this game wkalender-dammen-1024x768herein the board ranges from 8X8, 10X10 or 12X12.

So how do you play this amazing game? Well, players sit in front of each other with their respective pieces on the board. Each player gets to select a color. One player has all light colored pieces and the other one plays with black pieces. Turn by turn these two players play the game and try to play their moves in order to win. Players can play their pieces diagonally one step at a time to the adjacent box. No player can play opponent’s piece. In case, the adjacent square on the board is not vacant and is occupied by the opponent’s piece, the first player can only play if the square adjacent to the opponent’s piece is vacant. This way, the first player can jump over the opponent’s piece and reach the vacant spot, and the opponent’s piece goes off the board and considered as “being captured by the first player”.

Players try to save their own pieces while trying their level best to capture opponent’s pieces as soon as possible. Once a player’s piece reaches the farthest row (1st row for the opponent; the piece is considered as king and another pieces are placed on it to differentiate it with others.

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