Game of Cluedo

Board games are the best way to sit with family and friends and enjoy some quality time together. Online games are definitely more popular nowadays, however, no one leaves a chance to sit and play a board game with their loved ones. The Clue is one such game which
is enjoyed by all. This game was originally called Cluedo, however, is popularly known as Clue. It a murder mystery game and it can be played by three or six players at the same time. There is a victim in the game known as Dr. Black or Mr. Boddy who has been murdered. juego-de-mesa-clue-de-doctor-who-nuevo-838901-mlm20431653977_092015-fThe motive of the game is to find out who murdered the victim.

In addition to this, players also have to find out which weapon was used to kill the victim and the place where this crime took place. If six players are playing the game then automatically all six of them are considered as suspects. The board game has got various rooms, corridors, mansions and other places. All six players move around on the board in these places collecting clues.

Things as part of the package which comes with the board are:

  • character pieces in various colors
  • murder weapons in miniature form
  • a dice
  • cards in three sets
  • detective notepad to make notes
  • solution cards envelope

There are six characters represented by each character piece (usually in pawn shape). These characters and corresponding colors are:

  • Dr. Orchid: Pink (Earlier was called Mrs. White)
  • Mrs. Peacock: Blue
  • Colonel Mustard: Yellow
  • Reverend Green: Green
  • Professor Plum: Purple
  • Miss Scarlett: Red

The weapons in the form of miniatures are a dagger, revolver, lead pipe, rope, wrench, and candlestick. It is an intriguing game and loved by all by children and adults of all age and sex. You have to try it once to understand it better.

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