Let It Ride

Looking out for some exciting casino board/table games? Well, “let it ride” is a good game and an exciting one too. It is somewhat similar to the poker game played commolet-it-ride21nly in the casinos. So, in this game, the player gets five cards and he has to divide these five cards into two hands. One three cards hand made out of his own cards and one two cards hand from community cards. This is a slow game as people like to take their time and play this with a calm mind. The moment this game was introduced in the casinos, it was an instant hit. Over a period of time, the popularity has gone down; however, few people still like this game.

The community cards are obviously face down and the player has to select them. The player while playing this game gets an opportunity twice to actually go ahead and take one – third of the first wager. The first chance is given to the player after he has had a look at his three cards hand already. However, it is essential that the first community card is not in the open at this time. The second chance is given once the first community card is shown but right before the second community card is shown.

It is up to the player whether he wants to bring down the wager during these chances or not. If the player continues the game without taking out the wager then it is called “let it ride”. There is a well-defined payout table which is referred to when the payout is made in case the player wins. This is a multi-player game and anyone can play easily. Like many other casino games, the house edge is impacted here depending on the player’s decisions when playing the game.

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