Monopoly Board Game

One of the best board games and an all-time favorite of many is Monopoly. People have played this board game for generations. The game has changed over a period monopolyforiphoneof time however the essence of the game remains the same. It is a very old game, however, even today kids and grownups love playing it. It was introduced in the year 1903. As the name suggests, here players are doing business wherein they have to earn money but also have to
follow some rules. There are different ways of making money like earning from rent from various residential and commercial properties shown on the board, trading through business activities and so on.

The board used for monopoly has got forty spaces with many locations marked on them. Out of forty, twenty-eight spaces are dedicated to properties, four are for railway stations, two are for basic utilities, three are made as chance spaces, one luxury tax space, one space is for Income tax, three are for community chest and remaining four are dedicated to “ Go”. This “Go” includes go to jail or go to free parking. Together, these forty spaces cover the whole game.

Monopoly is one board game that has seen many versions, changes, revisions, and makeovers. The board game comes with pawns for players, dice, chance cards, debit/credit cards, currency (in some cases) and miniatures for hotels, houses etc. Players are supposed to play with the help of dice and as per dice rolled; they walk on the spaces on the board. As and when they arrive on a property, they have the option to buy it. If they land on a property owned by someone else, then they pay rent. If you land in jail, you lose a chance to play. In short, it is a very simple and enjoyable game.

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