Scrabble Board Game


One game that is not only offers a great way to pass time, but is also informative at the same time is “Scrabble”. It is a word game and comes in the form of a board with small squares built on it. There are many tiles that come with this game. These tiles have got English letter alphabet on them. Each tile has got one letter and a score written on it. Players have to make words on the board using these tiles. If a legit word is made using the tiles, then all the numbedyovvanso75chwr2f95mrs written on those tiles are added and the player notes it down as his score for that turn.

The words made on the board should belegit words as per a dictionary. Most of the time, players keep one dictionary with them for reference in case of dispute. This is one of the most popular games, and players love playing this with their young children because it helps kids to build vocabulary as well. The player with the maximum points at the end of the game is considered the winner. The letters have got some points on them and these points are counted to keep tabs. Vowels or common letters that can make a lot of words have got fewer points as compared to not so common letters like Z or Q. These two letters have got 10 points each which make them the most sought after when it comes to including them in words.

Every time a player completes a turn using the tiles from his bag, he gets to refill his bag with the same number of tiles from the tiles pouch. This game is a very competitive game and starts with seven tiles. Each player gets a rack to put the tiles in it and tries to hide them from other players so that no move from other players can compromise his planned word on the board.

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